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Elio Locanda Italiana は、現在準備中です。


エリオ ロカンダ イタリアーナは、1996年のオープンから今日まで南イタリアの伝統的な料理と、イタリアの笑顔溢れるサービスの姿勢を変わらずお届けしています。


エリオ ロカンダには世界中から「我が家」に帰ってきてくれるお客様がたくさんいらっしゃいます。その方々に「うん、我が家の味だね!」と言っていただくことが自信となり、そして初めてイタリア料理を召し上がるお客様には本場イタリアの味をご提供できているというよろこびとなります。

The roots of Elio LocandaSince opening in 1996, Elio Locanda Italiana has been constantly striving to offering the best Southern Italian cuisine and genuine Italian service.

The flavour of Elio`s Grandmother Luigina’s cooking in Calabria, at the foot of Italy, and her hospitality: these twin elements form the foundation of Elio’s cuisine. One cannot exist without the other. With 13 children of her own to feed and countless relatives, Grandma Luigina had to be a good cook. She went two better as she evolved into a gourmet chef and ran her very own locanda, local restaurant. You can imagine how the local populace felt whenever they visited this neighborhood establishment. It was like returning home and delighting the flavours of mother’s cooking... Just picture this: families and relatives having the most marvellous time sitting around the big dining table set outdoors. This was how Luigina's locanda was like. A "home" for everyone, a warm place where people can eat to their hearts content, laugh till they cried, embrace each other and feel close to one another.

In the Japan of today many people from around the world have found, and keep coming back to, their own home away from home: Elio Locanda. Elio and his staff feel a certain frisson, and their confidence goes up a notch, whenever customers say, "Yes, this is the taste of home!" And so to those among you who will partake of Italian food for the first time, we promise authentic Italian flavours and a great time. Welcome home!